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Home Networking Discussing your online Connection - Tutorials using Crossover, Hubs, Modems

Discussing your online connection has become simpler to complete since many os's have excellent built-in networking software and many networking hardware products will even include there own software to obtain up on and on rapidly.

But not it is not so simply and so i goes through a few of the fundamental methods to share your online connection. You will find a number of ways to talk about your online connection including via modems, switches and hubs and ofcourse with wires and easily.

Discussing Internet Over 2 PC's

The most typical method to share a web connection over 2 Computer systems is to apply a pc having a dial-up connection , generally adsl and hooking up the 2 computer systems together utilizing a crossover cable. So you realize a crossover cable is totally different from a normal CAT5 networking cable it might turn to exactly the same nevertheless its wired up slightly in a different way inside.

This technique is very dated nevertheless its excellent for individuals on a tight budget and dont intend on getting any longer than 2 computer systems and it is relatively simple to setup.


  You'll need these things in your Host pc (pc with web connection) and Client PC (the main one you want to provide the internet to)

Crossover Cable (5m - 60m lengthy) You may also cause you to own crossover cables from regular network cables by ordering the wires additionally, you will require a wire cutter along with a spare rj45 socket and cable clamp.

Host PC Client PC

2x network interface card 1 x network card

1 to dialup for your Web service provider (isp another for connecting the 2 pc's together through the crossover cable.) First factor It is best to do before establishing your two computer systems is to be on a single workgroup by doing this the 2 computer systems will have the ability to communicate and discover one another simpler , it will likewise make discussing files/folders a great deal simpler later on.

Configuring it

The very first factor to complete is, on the pc that already has a web connection perform the following

Around the host computer, adopt these measures to talk about the web connection:

1. Log onto the host computer as Administrator or as Owner.

2. Click Start, after which click User Interface.

3. Click Network and Online Connections.

4. Click Network Connections.

5. Right-click on the connection that you employ for connecting to the web. For instance, should you connect to the web using a modem, right-click on the connection that you would like under Dial-up.

6. Click Qualities.

7. Click on the Advanced tab.

8. Under Web Connection Discussing, choose the Allow other network customers for connecting through this computer's Web connection check box.

9. If you're discussing a dial-up Web connection, choose the Begin a dial-up connection each time a computer on my small network tries to access the web check box if you wish to permit your pc to instantly connect to the web.

10. Click OK. You obtain the next message:

11. When Web Connection Discussing is enabled, your LAN adapter is going to be set to make use of IP

address 192.168..1. Your pc may lose connectivity along with other computer systems in your network. If other computer systems have static IP addresses, it may be beneficial to create them

to acquire their IP addresses instantly. Are you certain you need to enable Web Connection Discussing?

12. Click Yes.

It's important when choosing which link with share your online across to find the correct network interface , within this situation it had been our LAN network interface. When the client computer is setup is might be essential to disconnect and reunite the ADSL link with permit the client PC to obtain a web connection.

Client Computer

1. Log onto the customer computer as Administrator or as Owner.2. Click Start, after which click User Interface.

3. Click Network and Online Connections.

4. Click Network Connections.

5. Right-click Neighborhood Connection, after which click Qualities.

6. Click on the General tab, click Ip Address (TCP/IP) within the This connection uses the next products list, after which click Qualities.

7. Online Protocol (TCP/IP) Qualities dialog box, click Get the Ip

instantly (if it's not already selected), after which click OK.

Recall the client pc might require sometime to have the ability to have internet connectivity you may also need to disconnect out of your Web service provider web connection and reunite or restart the consumer pc.

If for whatever reason the above mentioned steps didn't work home windows comes with an built-in network setup wizard which will help to repair up any loose finishes to operate the setup magicians function the next

Open ie (may also be completed in different browsers instructions can change slightly)

1.) Goto Tools then choose Internet Options

2.) Now choose the connections TAB

3.) Click Setup and stick to the prompts to create your network.

It is also found simply by visiting My Network Places , as well as on the left hands side click " Generate a home or small office network" There's also a choice to create a radio network

Discussing to a lot more than 2 PC's

Its very only to turn the above mentioned way of discussing your online connection on the crossover cable right into a network solution that may share your online to a lot of more PC's. The amount of pc's you are able to share to will rely on the amount of ports in your Hub or Switch.

With this method we scrap the crossover cable or transform it back to a normal network cable because the switch and hub.

This time around perform the same things for that client and host pc however this around the host PC, one network cable will be employed to connect with the Web service provider and also the other will connect in to the switch or hub. By doing this anybody who connects in to the Hub/Switch will have the internet.

Using Router to talk about Web Connection

Therefore the router is a superb networking tool and it can make networking and internet discussing super easy. You now no more need that annoying modem since it's all built-in in to the router , and hubs also provide individuals network ports similar to the switch and hub.

So all that you should do to obtain the internet running having a router and share it to any or all other computer systems connected is setup your Web service provider (isp) configurations inside the router, usually there's a setup wizard but when for whatever reason you can't access the wizard you are able to log directly to the router knowing the address.

The hubs network address is generally 192.168..1 and came from here you just enter your account information and configure your router accordingly. If you fail to access your router using the above address enter command prompt and perform the following broadband

Start bar -> Run -> write "cmd" press enter

type "Arp -a" you'll have a listing of network products or computer systems and you will pick out the router's Ip this way.

to logon see your favourite browser and kind http://192.168..1 or replace router ip


Most hubs today support wi-fi and which means you can connect your laptops , Smartphones along with other WI-FI supported products for your network.

Wireless Security

So many people are too careless if this involves wi-fi security, you will find a lot of people available who haven't transformed there wireless router's default password meaning someone can park outdoors your home and employ your online free of charge as well as steal your data.

A well known to safeguard wireless is a straightforward WEP key however this not necessarily sufficient and is easily compromised with a semi-professional computer user so beware. Get a security setting over a fundamental WEP key and you ought to be ok, and when you'd rather only use WEP remember to modify your default passwords since it's very easy to find having a network packet sniffer and steal information. Stay secure:)